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My Counselling Philosophy

While I would agree that intellectual insight can be useful for some problems, I have found that more deeply entrenched problems require more holistic  approaches.

Therefore, I use many of the newer body/mind   techniques such as
- EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
- TAT (Tapis Acupressure Technique)
- Seemorg Matrix
- Brief Solution Focus
- Hypnosis.
- For more information on the exciting new field of Energy Psychology go to:

I believe that many of life's problems stem from our unconscious beliefs and until they are replaced with less limiting beliefs, the possibility of sustaining desired change is drastically reduced.

Therefore, finding and replacing limiting beliefs has become part of my counselling style.

And most importantly, I believe we all have an ability to change and to grow throughout our lifetime and that one of our purposes and responsibilities in life is to evolve to our full potential.

Personally, I am committed to my own continued growth and I see it as a privilege to play a small part in the growth and evolution of others.

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Krisanna Jeffery
Registered Clinical Counselor
B.S.W, M.Ed,
Sex Educator
Certified Yoga
Meditation Instructor



(250) 951-2299

1348 Gabriola Drive,
(in Craig Bay)
Parksville, BC


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