Krisanna's Workshop Choices





Managing Your Body Energy Effectively (1 hour)

Are you, or the people you work with, feeling overcharged, over-taxed or overwhelmed? Could you benefit from learning three easy non-invasive, self-applied techniques to manage the body’s energy and emotions? This workshop will be of benefit to counselors, care-givers, or anyone who is pursuing a healthier balanced life and will be an introduction to the exciting new field of energy psychology. This fun and interactive workshop will help you learn simple but effective ways to work with your body/mind’s natural ability to heal itself. Based on scientific research, the field of hypnosis, and energy psychology techniques, this session teaches ways to de-stress and regenerate. 




Reducing Teacher Stress (approximately 3 hours)

This 2 hr. workshop includes:

1)      A brief summary of the research on teacher stress will answer the following questions.

·        What does the huge body of research on teacher stress say?

·        What are the trends in teacher stress?

·        How aware are teachers about their stress and what to do about it? 

2)      Some surprising and relatively unknown scientific research on how our bodies naturally try to cope with stress. This section will cover:

·        Our body’s powerful natural mechanism for stress management: the Ultradian Healing Response (Dr. Earnest Rossi)

·        What happens when we override this natural mechanism?

·        How can we work with the Ultradian Healing Response to rejuvenate ourselves? 

3)      An experiential exercise for inducing a relaxation trance state

·        Participants will be taught a simple self-hypnosis technique for rejuvenating themselves by working with the body’s natural stress management mechanism.

·        This experience will take about a half hour and will be relaxing and refreshing. (see relaxed teachers below!) 



4)      Question period on all aspects of stress management 



EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique   (1 hr.)


EFT is one Energy Psychology Technique that helps us reduce un-resourceful states of mind (e.g. fear, anxiety, anger, hurt, etc.) It is a tapping technique based on the same Chinese meridian system used for acupuncture. Participants will take away a simple, self-administered, but powerful technique, which only takes two minutes, and can be used to handle the stress of daily living.   




               Agelesss Sexuality  ( 1 1/2  hrs)

This workshop is presented in a very fun, interactive and light-hearted manner while still getting across the important and necessary information.

Even though sex is an important aspect of our lives we rarely find opportunities for frank discussions on the topic. This humorous  seminar explores the ins and outs of good sex and its effect on our general wellness. It is appropriate for any adult who is interested in learning more about enhancing their sex lives, understanding the role that sex plays in our overall health,…especially as we age.

Topics to be covered include:




Anonymous or open questions will be answered on all aspects of sex. Questions can be emailed to Krisanna at Come for an energetic, light-hearted and enjoyable session with the intention of having fun with a fascinating topic!


Train the Trainer (full day)


This fun and interactive full day training teaches participants how to deliver quality seminars. Based on the principles of accelerated learning, this workshop demonstrates how adults learn best and gives participants lots of opportunity to practice a new teaching style.