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A couple of years ago, I wrote a series of articles for a local newspaper. Many people commented that they found them helpful in their daily lives. So here they are. I'll be publishing a new article to this website regularly; so if they interest you, add this page to your favorites and visit often.

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1.  Finding a Therapist

2.  Personal Growth: Where to Start

3.  Sexual Affairs - to Tell or Not to Tell

4.  Mood Altering Drugs and Role Modeling

5.  Fear of Spoiling Children

6:  Grief - A Vital Part of Life

7.  Don't Let Your Kids be Your Therapist

8.  Love and the Power of Being Present

9.  Survival Skills for Conflict

10. Men And Women

11. A Tribute to Great Dads

12. Energy Psychology: How Can it Help You

13. Fantasy and other Sexual Secrets

14. Creating Sexual Goals

15. Boomer Sex

16. The Positive Side of Sex after Fifty

17. Erection Concerns and Aging


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